Everything you need to go from an idea to a scalable business right here in Ventura County.

What’s an Accelerator?

The Pharos Accelerator is a program where entrepreneurs learn how to create ideas and launch successful businesses. We build better startups by sharing the best practices from world-class mentors.

What’s the Pharos Center?

The Pharos Center for Innovation is a home for all entrepreneurs and innovators to gather and find the knowledge, connections, and resources to succeed together.

Why you should join the Pharos Accelerator

  • All ideas are welcome! You don’t have to be a tech company or a programmer.

  • Practical knowledge from investors, industry experts, and veteran entrepreneurs!

  • Only 10 hours per week — work on your own schedule for 6 of them!

  • We take no equity in your company!

  • You own all intellectual property you create!

Can I apply?

Yes, you should apply!

Yes, you should apply!

Yes, you should apply!

Yes, you should apply!

Apply Now!


At the Pharos Center

Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm for 16 weeks starting in Fall 2018.

At Home

Six hours a week using online tools.


4001 Mission Oaks Blvd Camarilo, CA 93012


Need and merit scholarships are available! Look for the link in your acceptance email.

One-time Payment

  • 60% off!


$550monthly for 4 months
  • 56% off!

Course Outline

Idea Phase

(Weeks 1-5)

Have an idea but not sure if it’s great? Or just starting out and looking for which way to go? We’ll connect your passions to ideas worth solving and create a solution that people will want.

Plan Phase

(Weeks 6-9)

What does it take to make a great idea real? We’ll help you find the right business model, a competitive price, and what it’ll take to get your startup off the ground. You’ll create a business plan that’s a blueprint to success.

Launch Phase

(Weeks 10-16)

A plan is only as good as how well it’s carried out. We’ll help you figure out how to prove your idea and start getting the word out to customers, partners, and investors. You’ll leave ready to successfully launch your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


You! If you’re over 18, serious about becoming an entrepreneur, self motivated, and seek out knowledge, then you’re a good fit for our program. You don’t need to have an idea or startup experience, just a willingness to build a business to scale. We’ll help with the rest.

There is an online application which you can fill outhere. In addition to answering a few short questions, you’ll record a brief video. We’ll make a decision in early Fall 2018. The applicant then reserves their spot with payment. The process continues on a rolling basis until the class is full.

You’ll be notified at least 1 week before the program starts for selection via email so please make sure your contact info is updated in your application. Due to the volume of requests we may not be able to respond to each person individually, but we’ll try!
Yes! We receive many very qualified applicants but have to limit the size of our session to make sure it’s the best experience for those participating.  We encourage you to re-apply for future sessions if you’re not selected.


Yes! The program is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs find the right idea and flesh out the right business model before taking the plunge. If you can commit to the 4 hours per week  of class time and put in about 6 more hours per week outside class, you’ll do great.
You’ll have access to our materials and be required to watch short videos, review materials, or even attempt an activity before each session. During the in-person session we’ll review what was done and build upon it in a hands-on activity or small coaching sessions. You’ll then have deliverables due at the next session when we move to the next topic.
We take attendance very seriously as being invited to participate means that many others didn’t get that spot. We expect you (or one person from your team) to attend every one of the class sessions. Sometimes life happens, and we’ll handle it on a case by case basis, but you’ll be responsible for the work and content covered.
Everything from what it takes to create a good idea and design a valuable solution through marketing, product development, team building, and funding, all the way down to the nuts and bolts of incorporation, accounting, and term sheets. It’s like an intense, practical, and fun entrepreneurship MBA crash course.

Applications are now open.

Let’s make your ideas a reality!

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