Innovation is a team effort

It’s more fun that way.  And when like minds meet, learn, share, invent, and work together, their efforts are multiplied.

The Pharos Center for Innovation is a home for all entrepreneurs and innovators to gather and find the knowledge, connections, and resources to succeed together.


Whether you have an idea in the early stages or are just starting out our accelerator programs will help you create successful, sustainable, and scalable new ventures.

Startup Accelerator
Nonprofit Accelerator


If you’re looking for the best place to focus on your work, be around inspiring minds, and have the resources to support you just a hallway away, come join us!

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Events and Meetups

The best way to get involved is to come visit at one of our upcoming events and meetups. There’s something for everyone – from bitcoin to UAVs.

The city of Alexandria in ancient Egypt was a center of knowledge and commerce in the Mediterranean. It’s best known for the Great Library of Alexandria, which housed the largest collections of texts available at the time. We can think of it as the internet of its era.

In the harbor of the city was a Great Lighthouse called the Pharos of Alexandria. One of the Seven Wonders of the (Western) Ancient World, it guided those seeking knowledge and opportunity into the city.

By bringing together people, knowledge, and opportunity we hope to be a beacon of innovation in our community.

Our Mission:

To solve meaningful problems through innovation by bringing together people, knowledge and opportunities.

Our Vision:

A community where every person and organization finds their role in creating innovative solutions to meaningful problems and implements them to positively transform the world.

Who We Are:

The Pharos Center for Innovation is a group of partner organizations representing education, economic development, nonprofits, entrepreneurship, and businesses working collaboratively to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.